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Just The Discs is a podcast about Blu-rays. Each episode, Brian Saur (of Rupert Pupkin Speaks) will go through a stack of discs from various distributors and talk about them.
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Mar 20, 2018

Stephanie Crawford (of The Screamcast) returns to discuss a couple more gems - the unassailable cult classic ROCKULA (starring SUMMER SCHOOL's Dean Cameron in the titular role) from Scream Factory and the trouble production turned interesting sequel LEATHERFACE: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III from Warner Archive.

Mar 13, 2018

This week, Brian goes back to the Twilight Time well to cover their recent releases of BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE, THE HOSPITAL, DRAGONWYCK, FOREVER AMBER and THE L-SHAPED ROOM.

Mar 6, 2018

On this episode, Brian's Wife Lisa returns to talk about two disparate classics - THE BREAKFAST CLUB and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - both of which have recently gotten fancy releases from the Criterion Collection.

Mar 2, 2018

On this bonus episode, Brian takes a look at the first three titles in the recent MVD Rewind Collection line - D.O.A: A RITE OF PASSAGE, ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES and BLACK EAGLE.

Feb 27, 2018

Brian's daughter Raven returns once more to talk about four animation Blu-rays: BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT, FLIGHT OF DRAGONS, TEEN TITANS Season One and THE PINK PANTHER CARTOON COLLECTION Vol.1.

Feb 23, 2018

On this bonus episode, Brian delves into four excellent new releases from Indicator in the UK - CHARLEY VARRICK, BLUE COLLAR, THE BORDER and THE FORTUNE.

Feb 18, 2018

On this episode, Brian is joined by John Cribbs (head writer and co-founder of The Pink Smoke) to talk about their mutual love of MATINEE (via the recent Shout Select Blu-ray) and Joe Dante in general.

Feb 11, 2018

Brian is joined by special guest Stephanie Crawford (making her first appearance on the show) of the ScreamCast to discuss two films that aren't really connected at all (but a lot of fun to talk about) in HELL NIGHT (Scream Factory) and RAPPIN' (Shout Factory).

Feb 4, 2018

On this week's show, Brian runs through a handful of action- related movies on Blu-rays ranging from MACON COUNTY LINE (Shout Select), HOOPER (WB), The Payback Triple Feature (WHITE LINE FEVER, SILENT RAGE & BLIND FURY)(Mill Creek) and THE TAKING OF BEVERLY HILLS (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)

Jan 28, 2018

On this episode, Rob Hunter (Film School Rejects) returns to discuss three Blu-rays from AGFA: THE VIOLENT YEARS, THE SWORD AND THE CLAW and BAT PUSSY. 

Jan 26, 2018

On this episode, Brian talks us through a small stack of recent-ish Criterion Blu-rays including ELECTION, JABBERWOCKY, HOPSCOTCH and LE SAMOURAI.

Jan 21, 2018

On this episode, Brian throws together a pile of cop movies on Blu-ray from various labels - including: BRANNIGAN! (Kino Lorber), MCQ (WB), SHAKEDOWN (Shout Factory), LAST OF THE FINEST (Kino Lorber), CODE OF SILENCE (Kino Lorber), and STONE COLD DEAD (Kino Lorber).

Jan 14, 2018

Kicking off what will hopefully be an annual tradition, this episode finds Brian running down a list of five of his favorite "Film Discoveries" from 2017 that he came to on Blu-ray. Brian is joined by guest Patrick Bromley (of the F This Movie! website and podcast as well as the Daily Dead podcast The Corpse Club) to see what he came across for the first time on disc throughout last year.

Jan 7, 2018

For this special bonus episode, Brian goes through 15 of his favorite Blu-rays that hit shelves in 2017!